My name is Beata Rydén, I was born in 1985 in Gothenburg, a rainy town at the west coast of southern Sweden. I´m a photographic artist and photography is my biggest passion and my best form of therapy.

About me:

I found my passion in photography in 2011. I started my business in 2013. Since then I´ve hold lectures and workshops together with my colleague Victoria Söderström.  I´m also a teacher at the Swedish photography website Moderskeppet. I sell my images through the gallery Piqmo and I have exhibitions in Sweden and other countries (US, UK, Portugal). I sell my art as limited edition prints, license my images and sometimes (when it´s a good match) I do commissions. You can see my art here.

Apart from photography I´m an educated cultural project manager. I´ve also studied cultural sciences, film, art, psychology, creative writing, audiology and much more. Right now my goal is to become a librarian, to be able to combine everything that I´ve studied, and also to get something more steady and safe to balance my freelance career. Nothing is for certain yet, so follow along and you´ll know what happens!