Jag heter Beata. Jag är 34 år och jag bor i Göteborg. Jag är en lat jävel så därför är informationen om mig fortfarande skriven på engelska härunder. En dag ska jag skriva en presentation på svenska istället, för jag har nog inte så många engelska fans som jag tror 😉

Photography- my passion.

I found my passion in photography in 2011. I started my business in 2013. Since then I´ve hold lectures and workshops together with my colleague Victoria Söderström.  I´m also a teacher at the Swedish photography website Moderskeppet. I sell my images through the gallery Piqmo and I have exhibitions in Sweden and other countries (US, UK, Portugal). I sell my art as limited edition prints, license my images and sometimes (when it´s a good match) I do commissions. You can see my art here.

I do other things too.

Apart from photography I´m an educated cultural project manager. I´ve also studied cultural sciences, film, art, psychology, creative writing, audiology and much more.

Though my main goal is to be a freelance artist, I´m at a place in my life where I need something steady and safe to balance my freelance career. My dream is to combine my art with a more ”ordinary” job. Nothing is for certain yet, so follow along on my journey and you´ll see what happens 😉

Some facts about me:

  • I´m a writing person. From the day I learned to write I´ve been keeping a journal. Nowadays I mostly write my journal on the computer, though I always carry a note book for sudden poems, photo ideas and emotional outbursts.
  • I´m a huge fan of coffee. Not only coffee, but coffee moments. There´s something wonderful about making a cup of coffee, open a book, read a blog or listen to a podcast. The first sip of coffee in the morning is a blessing!
  • I love pastel pink. I always have and I always will. That´s why both my computer and all the links on my blog are pink 🙂
  • Nature is very important to me. I shoot most of my photos outside in nature, and I love to be outside, listening to the birds in the forest or watching the waves on the ocean. My dream is to live in the country side.

Follow along

If you want to buy my images or discuss a comission, send me a note: info[a]

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