Amazing Iceland

Wow! For six days now me and Victoria have been traveling along the south coast of Iceland to find different landscapes to photograph in. I have never worked this intense before. Usually I take one day to photograph, then I wait for one or more weeks before I photograph my next concept. Now I´ve been photographing several concepts every day. I have to admit that I think I work better when I can be a bit slow, but this is a great experience and it feels amazing to come home with tons of images to start working on! We´ve been on so many amazing places- glacier lagoons, a plain wreck in the middle of nowhere, black beaches, cliffs. I am so in love with the icelandic landscape. Everywhere you look, the sky becomes one with the horizon, and the spaces are never ending. It´s both beauty and emptyness. Fresh air and a lot of weather. Even though we´ve been working very hard every day, I haven´t managed to take all the photos that I wanted. The time just wasn´t enough. I´ll have to go back here soon again!

Mixed pictures from our time in Iceland. From Reykjavik to the south coast.

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