New coffee maker!

Yesterday I found the worlds most beautiful coffee brewer! I have to confess that this is the second coffee brewer that I´ve bought this autumn. I work a lot at home, and spend huge amounts of time reflecting, recovering and studying, and a simple coffee brewer can make me childishly happy. A good coffee brewer and a beautiful coffee cup makes my mornings extra good. I felt that this one was so creative that I couldn´t resist. And it was on sale 😉

Otherwise I´m simply walking around in my slippers today. I´m full of thoughts these days. I think about the future: economy, family, living, dreams etc. I´ve realized that you always have to sacrifice something. To feel safe you may have to sacrifice part of your freedom. To be free you have to be brave, and be able to stand the unsecurity of not knowing where the money will come from next month. Right now I´m not entirely sure of what I want. I´m thinking that I´m 29 years old and that I should know by now. I´m thinking that I´m in that kind of age when people have everything settled. But luckily I´m reading The Tao of Pooh, and Pooh believes that things don´t necessarily have to be one way or another. The most important thing is right now, and how we feel in the moment. I´ve started to get interested in Taoism, and I believe that I can learn so much from it. This book is the first step towards learning more. But I´m still far away from Pooh, I am!

Coffee in my favorite cup, brewn in my new coffee maker 😀

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