Showing myself to the world

Today two of my images will be shown at one of the largest video billboards at Times Square in New York! It´s the community of See Me that arranges this every year, and two of my images was choosen to be displayed, to my great happiness.

One of the goals that I have for my art is for it to be shown to as many people as possible. Since my art is an investigation in the human soul and mind, I naturally want it to be seen by other people. I explore inner worlds- psychological struggles that we all have to deal with. Our inner world is just as real and important as the outer world. By visualizing these processes, that normally are invisible, sometimes even by ourselves, I hope to be wiser. Through art, we can get to know ourselves better. By showing my art to other people, telling them about the thoughts that I had while creating it, I hope that my image can work as some sort of mirror. What if the viewer starts to think about something within, by looking at my picture, and finds something undiscovered inside herself? That´s my goal and that´s why it feels so amazing to have my art shown at a public space like Times Square tonight!

In the art world, it´s not very correct to say: I wan´t everyone to see my pictures! It´s almost as if your art is slightly better if only a few people like it. If the ”ordinary” people like it, then it can´t be very good, can it? It´s as if art is better if it´s harder to understand. Well, I don´t think like this, obviously. If I did, I wouldn´t be so active on the internet, would I? But I love spreading my art and sharing thoughts with all the wonderful people around the world. I love the fact that you don´t need to visit a specific gallery in a specific city in a specific country in order to see my pictures, you can see them anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection! And there´s also an economic aspect to this, even if I wish that I didn´t need to think about that. But I want to support myself by creating art, and by displaying my art on the internet, I get more opportunities to sell it.

I am creating because it makes me fullfilled. I have always created. Ever since I was a child, I´ve been creative. But these last years, I´ve felt the need to show my creations. It´s no longer enough to create only for myself. I think that something amazing happens when you leave your art to the world, and let other people make it their own. That´s when the magic happens!