Soooo I´m finally going to try and get a hold of my business. Since I started it a little more than a year ago, I haven´t needed to account anything yet. I haven´t even sorted out my receipts! But I´ve collected the receipts to be able to sort them later on. I have an ability to wait for the last minute with everything I do. I hate that habit! I even know that once I start working on things that I have waited too long with, I feel so much better than when I sit around feeling stressful because I´m not doing the things I should.

Of course you need a bowl of candy if you´re going to push yourself to do this kind of work!

A great tip is to start putting your receipts in a basket. I bought this one just a while ago and I just put the last receipts in there that I haven´t yet put in the plastic pocket where I keep the rest. I actually think I will enjoy this kind of work. I enjoy most of the work that I do. The problem is to get started!

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