Pray for peace

Pray for peace

When things seem hopeless. When the world is a dark dark place. When people can´t be safe because other people do terrible things. When we build walls and choose who gets to live and who doesn´t. When refugees are lost in the deep blue sea. When the healthy countries can´t take care of the sick ones. What is there to do? Honestly I don´t know. I just know that it hurts too much to loose hope. I can´t do that.

I think that now, more than ever, after a week of terrorism in several countries, we need to hold on to what is beautiful in this world. I can´t ignore the fear. I can´t ignore that it makes me angry- the evil in other people. But I can turn my eyes to the whispering trees. I can run out into the night and look up at the stars; those magical stars that can make the darkness meaningful. I can. Because I am safe.

Whoever you are, reading this right now:

If you are struggling to find a safe place in this world, I send you all my deepest love. This Universe belongs to us all, and the Earth belongs to everyone. I´m so sorry that the human race doesn´t understand that, and that you have to pay the price <3

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